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About Aysan

Aysan is a Turkish hazelnut factory located in

Ordu / Türkiye which provides and processes both Giresun and Levant type hazelnuts in its facilities.

It serves both domestically and abroad with its wide service scale consisting of natural and processed hazelnuts. It provides convenience to its customers with packaging options in various weights and packages. Aysan hazelnut, which has been in the hazelnut industry for generations, is ready to help you along your orders with its experience.

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Customer satisfaction

What keeps Aysan in the hazelnut industry for generations is the trust it provides and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction.

It sorts and categorizes the hazelnuts in its facilities one by one with the help of both machine technology and employees. It evaluates hazelnuts with maximum effectiveness. Our customers, who experience the taste of Aysan hazelnuts, keep their commercial relations active gladly.


Every form of hazelnut and process is feasible in our facilities.

Hazelnuts in shell, raw hazelnuts, white hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts, salted hazelnuts, chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut meal, hazelnut puree and varieties are produced and offered for sale with Aysan quality. We are ready to help you in line with our experience, from the crop area to the size, from the degree of roasting to the packaging of the products you are interested in.



Along with hazelnut puree, hazelnut paste and various hazelnut creams are produced in our facilities.

We sell these products in retail under the Nutart brand and deliver to bakeries.  You can examine our product range on our sales site and get information from us.



1164. SOC. NO:3 52200 ALTINORDU/ORDU

0452 233 04 23-24

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