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blanched hazelnuts

White hazelnuts are very lightly roasted nuts. This type of hazelnut is preferred if the hazelnut is to be reprocessed with heat in some way later. Companies can buy and store this product and heat it or cut it just before sale to obtain freshly roasted hazelnuts or chopped hazelnuts, hazelnut flour, puree, etc. Thus, while extending the shelf life of the product, they capture the aroma and flavor originating from freshness at the maximum.

Product name:
Blanched Hazelnut / White Hazelnut


Size options:
9-11 mm / 11-13 mm / 13-15 mm


Product region options:
Giresun / Levant


Packaging options:
500g / 1kg / 5kg / (Vacuum packing)
5 kg / 10 kg / 15 kg / 20 kg / 25 kg (Carton box)
50 kg (Polypropylene sacks)
80 kg (Jute sacks)
1000 kg (Big pack)


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